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K95 Platinum XT sound tinny with metal ringing after each key stroke

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Just bought a K95 Platinum XT however at each key stroke the metal bottom keeps ringing for a few second.  Makes the keyboard sound very tinny and irritating.  Is there a way to baffle the metal bottom to not sound as annoying?


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The underlying surface may affect the sonic characteristics.  If the KB is on a flat hard surface, it will be worse.  A large soft mouse mat may help quite a bit.  I am on my K95 XT Brown right now.  The keys are not quiet and most mechanicals are not, however it is difficult to detect any ping underneath the standard plastic key sounds.  Once I remove the mat and put it back on the glass desk, the metallic ping is evident.  Not sure if you have the room for that or if you need to go in a different direction.  

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