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iCUE H100i ELITE LCD Display Liquid CPU [Warning Icon]

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When I connect the power supply without turning on the computer I get this icon. When I turn on the computer it disappears and everything works correctly. What is the reason?

Thank you very much in advance.


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It’s a general communication error between the LCD top and the software and/or Commander Core. Are you flipping the PSU off when not in use?  Your motherboard appears to be supplying active power to itself in that picture while the rest of the PSU supply is inactive (SATA - fans)  


Most users see this while on the desktop which is a larger issue. 


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(Sorry for my English, I use a translator)

The triangle appears only when I connect the power supply for the first time and disappears when I turn on the computer. I usually turn off the power supply when I go away.

When I turn off the system (Windows) without disconnecting the power supply the triangle does not appear (the ASUS logo in the database stays on). I only get the triangle when I go back and connect the power supply.

I have also seen that the triangle only appears at that point if I connect the USB that comes from the LCD screen (attached image).

The lights and display work correctly when the computer is on using the ICUE.

Thank you very much for replying! best regards and happy new year!



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Ok, I think this is happening is when you power the PSU and motherboard back on, this powers the USB port to the LCD, but not the SATA to the Commander Core it wants to communicate with. This is normal and it seems like you don’t have problems when the software is running. I see this sometimes when plugging in new keyboards or other devices on USB power. Most motherboards have a setting that will cut  all power to the USB ports when the system is off or in soft power states, but you may not want to turn that off depending on how you use the PC. 

So there is nothing to worry about here with the AIO or LCD top, but you may want consider not flipping off the PSU at night. While it may save you 0.2W of power, you will likely end up needing a new motherboard battery sooner, rather than later. 


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