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I would like to make a review of Corsair T3 Rush Gaming chair

Easy to build : 4/5, it was not easy to assemble the main part to the part with the weels alone. It was a bit heavy, and hard to find the right fit while holding it.

Comfort : 5/5, as a small person (1,63 meters) it was hard to find a chair adapted to my size and not full pink. I'm really glad I found this one. I can sit all day (home office + gaming) without being unease. 

Cushions : due to my size, i do not use them. The head cushion is too high for me, and the back cussion not adapted to my morphology (I'm a woman)

Style : 5/5, discreet, good looking, can be seen during work meetings without being embarassed 


Fabric : 2/5, it is soft and comfy but it is really electrostatic. I always have statics shocks when I get up or when I touch the armrests with my fingers, electrical hair, and shocks when I touch my boyfriend, it is a bit annoying so I bought anti static spray

Wheels : I upgraded the wheels whith roller blades wheels I bought. I found the idea on Rekt's chairs website.



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