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Issue with RAM as SPD/JEDEC has wrong Voltage?


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I am having issues with two kits of CMW16GX4M2D3600C18 RAM I purchased a couple years ago. The JEDEC voltages listed on some Corsair RAM I own is showing 1.0v, which is out of spec for JEDEC, which should be 1.2v. The XMP profile matches the 1.35v specs. The system is stable, but only with XMP enabled. I don't know if there is something off with my motherboard, CPU's IMC, or if the RAM has the wrong voltage set for JEDEC. I have been swapping out other kits and MBs to help diagnose, though don't know enough about memory architecture to firmly diagnose the issue. It seems like my Corsair 3600 RAM has issues running with JEDEC (default) on two Gigabyte boards (Z370 Gaming 7 & X570 Master). The RAM appears to work fine when XMP is enabled, though won't POST on my Z370 Gaming 7 and it isn't stable on my X570 Master w/o XMP Profile enabled. The RAM appears to be fine with my AsRock X470 board and shows 1.2v in BIOS. I have tested other memory and my Corsair 2666 and TridentZ 3200 are fine in every configuration/system I have tried. I don't know if this is some weird bug with this RAM and Gigabyte or what.

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