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Corsair K95 RGB Platinum - Keyboard Keys broken

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Hey everyone,

I would like to report a possibly widespread production error or product failure with the K95 keyboard.

The holder for the plug-in system of the keyboard seem to wear out quickly on the keys. The result is that some keys fall out much easier, or my left CTRL key is no longer on the cross.

I've attached a photo where you can see the issue that looks like this on a keycap.

By the way, I found some dealers via E-Bay who offer these keys. But at utopian prices (7 € - here in Europe - per key!).

I would be interested to know whether this is a guarantee case. I bought the keyboard from Amazon last year (invoice available)

I would appreciate an answer.

With best regards from Germany and happy holidays!

MilkySign ;)



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Hi! i have the same issue. And its happened to both my ctrl keys. the first time i simply replaced the LT ctrl key with the RT ctrl key since i didnt have time to order or what not. now both are broken 😞 quite disappointed about this. Where can i order ctrl keys pls. 


Thank you!



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