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Corsair ICUE Scared the crap out of me!


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Ok so I downloaded the latest ICUE update last week (as of when this was posted), and i didn't notice right away that the dashboard is now showing GPU Hotspot Temps... My GPU under Stress testing peaks at 65c... so when i was playing WARZONE and saw the GPU temp getting close to 80c i started freaking out, lowering frame limits and other settings, dreading the idea of having to replace my 3070... After about 30 minutes of scratching my head as to why even my idle temps were close to 40c instead of 25-30c it finally clicked that i was reading "Temp #2"

Thanks Corsair for adding the hotspot temps, normally need to boot up HWmon to see that 👍

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They need to start labelling those sensors, for the sake of customer's hearts lol

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Definitely, if freeware like HWMon can do it... I'm sure the extremely talented folks at Corsair can too...

In my own defense though Temp #2 had pushed Temp #1 to the right one spot... so I'm sure this happens to lots of people all the time... Lol


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