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ST100 RGB Premium Headset Stand - Missing Hardware Lighting Option


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The Corsair H100i Elite Capellix has hardware lighting options for when the computer is locked etc. I am not seeing options to sync other devices like the ST100 to this hardware lighting profile.


Is there a way to make the RGB lighting continue on-scene with the computer locked (i.e. like with a windows service or.. similar) so that I don't need to rely on hardware lighting options to be added to other devices in the future?

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Without the option for "hardware sync", is it possible to have the iCue service continue with the current profile when windows is locked/logged off? I like having everything synced, but this all goes away once I lock my PC before leaving my desk.


P.S. Thanks for the quick reply! Is there a better place to post detailed feature requests or report bugs/inconsistencies?

Edited by caveman19
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2 hours ago, Corsair Fer said:


Regarding your edit, we always keep tabs on inquiries like this.  It is something I would like to see myself, but I believe that the stand does not have the capability of storing hardware profiles and it is iCUE dependent.

The limitation of onboard storage is understandable. However, I don't see why iCue wouldn't be able to control these things while the PC is locked. My audio keeps playing over my external DAC when it's locked so why then is iCue forced to pause operation when locked?


I would think making iCue able to continue controlling scenes in the background would be a way to accomplish this. It's already installed as a windows service, but this doesn't appear to do anything for me when the computer is locked. I'm not sure what the limitation is here.

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