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Missing modules in iCue and SP 120 fan not detected by iCUE and x570s mobo

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I'm using a x570s tomahawk mobo and have iCUE installed, the software seems missing several modules. I also have a SP120 RGB pro fan installed, iCUE can change the RGB lighting of the fan however not able to detect it through PWM. I checked in BIOS also not detecting. The fan stucks at full speed all the time.. I tried switch the PWM to a different port (sys_fan 1, 2, 3,4), not even one works, but these port works for my other fans... Any suggestions?


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The SP-PRO series fans have DC motors (3 pin connector) and are voltage controlled.  This means they will run at maximum all the time on a PWM controller that uses a steady 12v.  Most motherboards are capable of both DC and PWM control and use an auto-detect feature.  According to your manual, SYS fan 1-4 are all DC only so those should work.  The BIOS screen for fan control appears to have a DC/PWM switch as well, just in case the manual is in error.  

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