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Upgrade H150i Pro RGB (2019) with RGB Fans


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You can use the QL and while not the ideal radiator fan, they should be more than enough on a 360mm radiator.  You will want the triple pack that includes the required RGB controller (Lighting Node Core).  If you like it to look like the Elite series AIOs, you want the just released "ML-Elite 120mm" triple pack.  Those are 8 center mounted LEDs as opposed to the double ring structure of the QL.  


Both triple packs come with a Lighting Controller that needs a USB 2 internal port for communication and a SATA connector from the PSU for power.  PWM speed control will remain on the pump controller from the H150i Pro.  Since the H150i also needs a USB 2 internal and so does the lighting controller, make sure you have two slots on the MB.  Not all B550 do.  

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Thank you!

So which fans are better for cooling? The ML series? The QL are more suited for usage as case fans?

The MoBo has 

1x USB 3.0 Header (5Gb/s, 2x USB 3.0), 2x USB 2.0 Header (480Mb/s, 4x USB 2.0)


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The ML is a better radiator fan with 7 (versus 9) wider, flatter blades. However, it may not matter depending on what your doing. A typical gaming load will be variable and 100W-125W on most CPUs. My 10900K doesn’t go past 150 except on some odd loading screens. That’s not a lot to dissipate and you might not see a difference on a 360mm radiator. If your 5950 is going to doing cpu renders all day, then that might be worth considering. Otherwise given the expense of the fans, you should choose the one that is visually pleasing to you or pleasing in some other way. 

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