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H115i Brand New - Something went wrong

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Its been installed and running like its predecessor (H100i), was doing home work tonight and now I keep getting a repeated popup that a USB device is not recognized. After unplugging EVERYTHING the only item left was to start troubleshooting the Commander Core Pro that runs my case fans, and the Commander Core Node that came with my H115i. I decided to force an update in Icue for the H115, now it won't come back online. Its cooling just fine Icue just doesn't see it.

What would be my next course of action to get this fixed?

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Or maybe not. I don't know what it is. I'm still getting the USB error but the H115i is back and running like normal.

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What motherboard series are you using?  recent AMD boards (x570, B550) often have issues with chasing multiple devices or even single direct connections. Those users resort to powered usb hubs to make up for the low voltage.

The Commander Pro USB port is just a passive passthrough and there is no device to device communication. It is unlikely there is an issue with the device. 

If you are in Intel, make sure you have chipset drivers installed, but most often this is basic wiring/connector issues (missed or bent pin, bad cable, etc). 

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