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LL120 RGB Case Fans not lighting up.

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I just recently built a brand new PC for the first time and I've been extremely bugged on the RGB lighting on the fans not working. The fans do blow air, however it is only the RGB that does not work. The fans came with a 6 port RGB hub and a Lighting Node Pro. Although the package I bought came with 3 fans, I only used 2, as I already have a X73 NZXT CPU cooler that takes up 3/5 fan ports on my ASUS B550F Gaming wifi motherboard. On the RGB Hub, I've checked that both cables are plugged in properly and I've ensured that the cables plugging both in and out of the lighting node pro are properly secured. I have checked that the lighting node pro channel is set 1 in Corsair ICUE yet I still get no results. Does somebody have any other possible solutions?

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Hey dude.. have you applied a lighting effect to the actual LED's of the fans in iCUE??


around 3 mins 25 seconds



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