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Can someone help me with my Void RGB Elite Wireless

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So I had my Void headset for a while now and everything was fine, but i didn't had any drivers installed so I tried downloading one and so I did, and once I downloaded it, everything was still fine and ok but then I went to my Void and I pressed update, and once it did it changed from Void to HS70, so now my headsets are HS70 and it doesn't allow me to use certain features and my mic, sometimes i can't even hear things, and it makes beeping sounds, I tried restarting and nothing worked, I even tried downgrading but I don't know how, if someone can please help me revert these changes, it's an inconvenience to have my Void be seen by my pc and the iCUE as a pair of HS70 even though they are Void RGB Elite Wireless

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