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I have a HS70 PRO headset and was wondering if it's okay to plug/unplug the charger whilst the headset is on?

Or do I have to turn the headset off before plugging-in/plugging-out the headset?

Also if there are any hints and tips I need regarding the headset and its safety, I would greatly appreciate that!

Thank you all!



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11 hours ago, PatrickStar1987 said:

Also unplugging the microphone a lot can damage it?

Depends on where you keep the microphone. If you don't look after it and just lay it on the floor or somewhere it can get broken, then yes, detachable microphones can get broken

Also, can you answer me this question, are you using iCue with this headset? If so, is the quality of the microphone controlled by iCue? I've tried asking that question in my thread, but no one seems to know

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On 9/5/2021 at 12:32 AM, PatrickStar1987 said:

Hi memory_oc I am unsure, but I'm pretty sure it can be regulated. Also the life expectancy I find isn't truly 16 hours.


Can you answer my first question?

I think they disconnect when charging, but not too certain. Have you read the manual?

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