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Fan RPMS not changing within profile switch

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So I'm having issues that when i create 2 profiles with different fan RPMs (Default and while gaming)


It doesnt change the fan RPM and just continues with the RPM from default to my gaming profile whenever i click the assigned button on my keyboard to switch.


Running the latest version and dont know why it happens.


This is the message i see


"fan speed may not apply if additional cooling is required to reduce the temperature"

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Can you list what Corsair hardware you are using? Not sure if we are talking about Commander Pro fan curves, AIO coolant temp curves, or something else. It seems like an AIO, but there are differences between models and their control method.
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The warning relates to the coolant temp crossing a specific temperature threshold and forcing the fans to maximum. It should not be in play in normal use, although it is possible to reach it in a hot room with a hotter GPU raising the internal temp of the case.


Ok, so Commander Core is the controller. There is nothing special about the default profile. It can be deleted or renamed. Your fan presets Quiet/Balanced/Extreme should apply to radiator fans and be based on coolant temperature. However, there is no need to leave them in a mysterious state. Go to the Performance tab and + to create a new custom curve. In the corner of the new graph are three shape tools that match the three presets. Pick one and change the sensor choice to H115i Elite temp. It now matches the presets but you can see the data points and move them if necessary.


Aside from that we probably need to see your curves and fan settings in the performance tab. Not sure if you are expecting huge changes between presets or which fan profiles are applied to which fans.

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Below is my Game profile.


3xQL120 front fans running 1500RPM


Whilst the 4th QL120 that is exhaust at rear is 1200RPM and the 2xML120 on the AIO at the top exhausting at 1200RPM aswell as they are 140mm fans


The issue is, that whenever i push the keyboard button that is profile switching between gaming and default is, that it does not change the fan RPMs when going from default to gaming and reverse.


When i change the RPM in the default, it changes to the same in the gaming profile.


Commander core is not the fan controller. It only controls the RGB and the 2xML120 on the AIO - All the other fans are hooked up on Commander Pro.



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OK, you are using profiles like a low/high toggle for the fans at fixed speed. No problem with that and it should work. I took my default profile, duplicated it, and then set the copy to 1500 rpm fixed. I was able to toggle back and forth and the fans dropped to idle speeds on switch.


Its possible this is not working for you if you only have those two fan profiles. Custom 1 and Custom 2 are universal, so when you change the value in Custom 1 in changes for all profiles using the Custom 1 fan profile. You should be able to remedy this by creating two more fan curves (Custom 3 and 4). You can use the copy function from the fan preset vertical dots to do this quickly. Then set the fans to Custom 3 and 4 in the game profile at the desired speed. This should then allow you toggle back and forth with fan changes.

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