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HELP! Gigabyte B560-DS3H + CMK16GX4M2D3600C18 == POST fail w/ XMP profile

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TL;DR: Unable to boot/POST with these Vengeance LPX sticks (2x8GB )with the XMP profile (DDR4-3600). Booting at 2133 works just fine, so I'm confident it's just something I'm missing with the combination of the sticks, voltages, and BIOS settings. CPU is an Intel 11th gen i5-11600K with a beefy Noctua NH-U14S cooler on it.


This is *so* far from my first PC build rodeo it's not funny (pre-DOS anyone?) so I'm dismayed at having to post here, but I've tried too many things and am ready to punch a wall.


The Gigabyte support list (https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/B560M-DS3H-V2-rev-10/support#support-doc) for this mobo says it can run these sticks (and faster). I never buy anything that someone else hasn't already tested, as I don't have time to muck around anymore. But that's what the last 36 hours have been.


XMP1 profile is DDR4-3600-18-22-22-42-64-1.35 according to SPD.


Some of the things I've tested:

1. Clear CMOS + load optimized defaults (basically -2133): boots fine, CPU-Z reports dual-channel, 2T command rate and 1066-15-15-5-36 pulling 1.20V. Basically this is auto-everything. Win10 x64 boots fine.


2. Set XMP1 profile and everything else auto (unfortunately, that also leaves the DRAM voltage at 1.20V). POST fail (POST freezes, eventually resets back to -2133 and lands in BIOS)


3. Set XMP1 profile and everything else auto, manually bump DRAM voltage to 1.35V. (POST freezes, eventually resets back to -2133 and lands in BIOS, or sometimes just locks up forever.)


4. Manually set SPD-equivalent values across the BIOS... there are lots of them in this mobo, and I tried to only change the ones I thought would be REQUIRED. .... same, can't find the right combination.


So... does anyone have a B360-based board with these sticks in them that can help a brother out??

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[Looks like the forum won't eat the images off the original website, so here they are all together on imgur: https://imgur.com/a/0wdKcuf]



I have what I /think/ is an equivalent ...



Should I try setting the XMP profile, plus that (to "High Freq"), plus the DRAM voltage and give it a spin? Each attempt is a little painful; if it fails, I am pretty much facing a CMOS clear and full re-do. Half the time, it won't safe-boot and just hangs hard.


And just to save the more of the back and forth, this is what the rest of those settings look like:







^^ that one I'm not sure what to set to, so it's Auto right now



^^ same here...not sure what to set to, so it's Auto right now


If I pick the XMP profile, it does NOT set the voltage to 1.35V like I presume it wants:




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  • Corsair Employees

Hi hlygrail,


Unfortunately, usually motherboard manufacturers like to cherry pick components to reach advertised frequencies or will only be able to reach them with very specific settings in controlled conditions which are not fully disclosed in the marketing.


If you haven't already done so please create a ticket and feel free to PM it to me so that we may look further into some troubleshooting steps.

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