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Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro doesn't work after reboot

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I bough Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro 1 month ago , and was working fine with my old XPS 13 9730 flawlessly , however when i tried using it with my new work laptop Latitude 7420 i faced strange issue.


When i connect the mouse reciever after logging to windows it works fine with no issue , however if i connected it before loggin to windows or booting the laptop , the mouse is detected in iCue but doesn't work .


I can control the lighting in iCue but mouse cursor and buttons are not working, it only works if i unplug the reciever and plug it again.


did anyone faced similiar issue.


I tried latest iCue version ,and older version .


I don't have same issue with other devices like corsair void pro wireless ,microsoft keyboard , or logitech mouse.


also i tried the mouse through usb-c hub and direct with same result

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  • Corsair Employees

Hi ahmedsamih,


Please review the below helpdesk article and see if it resolves things for you:




If it doesn't, please open a ticket with support using the Support Ticket system link at the top of this page.


Thank you.

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