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Scimitar had same issues after 5 year and 3 revision

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Just want to share my experiencing with scimitar series, buyer need to know this and i will tell very simple

Scimitar RGB 2015, double click , bad click design, scroll wheel easy broken (scroll up and down), metal base near sensor hole ( will attract dust)

Scimitar Pro 2017 they fix click design (you can click in edge of RMB or LMB) and upgrade sensor and memory build-in , but they back again with same double click, rapid click ( you only hold and drag but pc register click rapidly) scroll wheel still broken

Scimitar Elite 2020 enchance with new omron and sensor, more light weigh but double click, scrool wheel still broken (more durable but trade of with very stiff), still metal around hole design ( why not add glass or something to prevent dust go inside sensor)

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Hi Levos920,


Thank you for sharing your feedback and your experience using this particular mouse, we appreciate the specific details from each iteration as well. We'll take this into our design notes and improve where we can.

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