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h100i Capellix Only one fan running

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Sometimes when I boot up my PC both fans will run no problem. Both fans will be recognised by my icue software and everything will be fine.

Other times I boot it up and they will both run initially, but when I get past the windows lock screen the top fan stops running and is not recognised in the icue software. RGB is still working on both fans and can be customised on both. But the upper fan is not shown as a fan in the cooling section, it doesn't spin and I don't know why it's happening only sporadically.

I've tried updating the firmware, and restarting the software. But so far the only solution I've found is to restart the PC entirely and hope it works the next time I boot it.

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The Commander Core uses an auto-detect feature for its PWM fans and won't power on if it things the header is empty. If there is an issue with the fan connector or wire, it might sporadically detect it. You could check this by.. 1) Moving the misbehaving fan to a different PWM header on the Com Core (they do not need to be sequential); or 2) checking in on a motherboard or other fan control. A fan with an issue is likely to have an issue there as well.


You also might start a support ticket with Corsair to get the things moving.

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