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Advise on my Corsair RGB set up.


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My set up is 3 LL120's and 2 LL140's and 2 Corsair Dominator Platinum Airflow RGB LED Memory Fan Cooling CMDAF2 because I have dual Dimms on my M/B.


I know the commander can take up to 6 fans but i have a total of 7 . How would I do my setup to be able to independently control the fan speeds and the RGB lighting on all 7 fans or at least the 2 Memory Fans on one channel that i can control the lighting and fan speeds


Also I am interested in the LED strip lights. Do I get the Corsair RGB LED Lighting PRO Expansion Kit (CL-8930002) or is there something else i need to buy for the led strip lights to work.


So If someone is kind enough to let me know how to do this and what to buy I would be very grateful.

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