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Force PCIe MP600 - Heatsink

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I am about to buy this SSD. Corsair Force Series Gen.4 PCIe MP600




It comes with its own heatsink. However is that heatsink removable by the user, if required as a standard and simple process without voiding the warranty?


Of course that SSD being Gen4 PCIe I know I will not operate it without heatsink. However the issue is that my board will have M.2 slot covered with a single piece of heatsink that also extends and covers the chipset. Board manufacture tech support confirmed that since the heatsink also covers chipset, it's not advisable to remove that M.2 heatsink.


So to install this SSD, I would need to remove the heatsink off this SSD and mandatorily use the heatsink that comes with M.2 slot.


I suppose may be it's a bit of inconvenient design by the board manufacturer? ASRock B550. They should have had only M.2 slot covered with its heatsink and keep the chipset heatsink totally separate and non-removable may be??



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The heatsink is removable and will not void the warranty as long as you do not damage the drive.


You may insert a credit card or guitar pick near where the clips are that hold the top side to the bottom of the heatsink with light pressure and slowly pull apart (see attached image for reference). There are 4 clips in total.


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