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H100i ELITE CAPELLIX Randomly Not RecognIzed

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Hello All!


So i just finished doing an upgrade on my Wife's Computer. It was a Mix of Current and New parts - Here is the Parts List since my own Acct's List is my own Rig:


New Parts:

570x Case White


6 QL 120mm Fans into the CoCo (4 Case - 2 for the H100i)

1 Lighting Node Pro with 4 corsair Led Strips

Evga RTX 3070


Current Parts:

Asus Rampage IV Formula MB

Core i7 3930k


Seasonic Platinum 1000w PS



The H100i Randomly Stops being recognized on Startup. If i play around with a few reboots moving around the USB header to different ports it will recognize for 1 Startup and if the PC goes to sleep or gets shutdown - There is a strong chance it will not be recognized again next time it boots up. I started with Icue 4 - Performed a Clean Uninstall and am currently on iCue 3- Same issues. Fans still spin and the default rainbow colors still play - But i cant control it with icue.


Device Manager shows it as "Unrecognized USB Device (port reset failed)" Whenever it acts up.


Was wondering if anyone ahs run across something like this before or did i just get a Bad H100i?


Thank you!

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  • Corsair Employees

Hey there, was the Capellix H100i part of the upgrade, or was it already installed?


Make sure your system drivers are up to date and are installed. Windows Default drivers can "work" but cause issues such as this.


Try fully removing iCUE using this guide, may just be some driver conflicts.


[Remove iCUE Guide]

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