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K55 RGB opening Windows Apps after recording and pressing a Macro key

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We've recently seen that some of you have experienced some odd macro behavior causing Windows to open different apps after using the Macro Record function on the K55 RGB, even without iCUE running. A new firmware update (v30.09) was released today, which iCUE should prompt you to update to.



iCUE 4.x Update Window





After successfully completing the update process, there are a couple additional steps you will be required to perform to completely resolve the behavior.


Instruction to reset the K55 RGB EEPROM:

1. Plug-in the keyboard to the system

2. Hold Fn + F4 for 5 seconds

3. The key matrix LEDs will blink twice

4. The keyboard is now reset


If you do not perform the steps above, the existing macros still on the keyboard will continue to have the adverse behavior when pressing one of the macro keys. So please be sure to perform this step after the firmware update. Please provide feedback afterwards, even if this successfully resolves the behavior.


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I am going to pass an advice to CORSAIR about them to decide so to deliver similar software solution as is Microsoft IntelliType Pro this based at Microsoft HID driver as it does the K55.


For K55 keyboard owners which do care to have Macro control software at minimum footprint about system resources.


I have a system with 8GB of RAM that is not further expandable and iCUE wastes over 250MB of system RAM.

We older gamers which started computing at 1996 we need all available system resources for Gaming, this is why we got a Gaming keyboard.


CORSAIR software developers they should take my report seriously.

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