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My mouse (NIGHTSWORD RGB) is having problems when clicking and drag clicking. What i mean by that is that sometimes when i do a simple click, it double clicks. I have had it for ~2 years now.


For instance if i want to pause a video, it puts it in fullscreen because of the double click.

My other problem, which is probably related, is that when i drag click (hold click) more clicks are registered while i am holding the button down.


I have no idea if it happened to anyone, i've tried searching online, reinstalling my mouse, from ICUe and from Windows directly.


So if anyone has a solution, please share. Otherwise i'll write a support ticket. Thank you

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You should probably open a support ticket either way, but go to the task bar and quit CUE to see if this occurs without the software running. If so, then it's likely a physical problem with the switch. If it stops, then it seems more likely to be a software issue. For the latter, go to the Windows Apps list and select "Modify" for Corsair iCUE. Follow the prompts for a repair install. This often cleans up weird behavior.
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