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Issue with automatic switching between profiles


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Hi folks!

I recently fully set up my profiles so that they automatically switch to the appropriate profile when I switch program. E.g. If I am playing Rocket League and alt tab over to Chrome, then ICUE switches my profile over automatically as it detects a different profile launch.

The only issue that I have found so far is with Overwatch. It's the only game I play that isn't on Steam, so I'm assuming that it's an issue with the launcher. For all other programs, I have set the "Link profile to program" section to the game launcher and it works perfectly. But when I did it to Overwatch Launcher, it makes me go into ICUE and manually set it back to my Overwatch Profile every time I alt tab out of the game.

Does anyone know a way to fix this? Since it's the only program with this problem, I'm assuming that it's an issue with the Overwatch launcher only being used to launch the application, and a different application is used for the actual game, but I don't know where I would find it.

Any help would be fantastic,


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