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Okay so my old headset was Razer Kraken Chroma 7.1 Surround Sound.


I have always had problems with razer in general, but recently when playing my sound would cut out of my headset and play through my pc.


I tested if it was my pc or my headset by using my boyfriends headset. My sound hadn't cut out at all so I assumed it was my headset.


So I just bought the Corsair HS60 Surround Sound. I downloaded the CUE program it told me too. Now I have ZERO info about Corsair.


But with my Razer headset it was SUPER loud I loved it. I could hear my headset literally across the room. It was great I enjoyed the loudness lol.


But Corsair seems so quiet ?? Especially in game like Overwatch.


I turned all my Overwatch sound settings up but its still so quiet.


I have no idea how to work the CUE program or what the best settings are. Its all at default right now.


So any help would be appreciated!

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1. Make sure the volume dial on the headset is all the way up

2. Make sure in your Sound Mixer, the program you want to play is all the way up

3. There may be 3rd party programs online that can allow you to play past the set volume Windows allows (VLC Media Player had this feature I remember).


CUE does not have a function that affects device volume.

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