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H115 rgb platinum fan lighting turns off on windows boot

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I had Corsair link installed before I realised I had to download icue, and after installing icue now I can’t switch on or control the lights of the fan .


The pump is working fine and the 3 x ll120 fans in the front are all controllable as well as the vengeance ram . But I can’t seem to control the rgb on the radiator fans .


They switch on when the system boots but as soon as it gets into windows they the rgb shuts off.


Can someone plz help?

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Make sure you have set-up the lighting for the Platinum correctly. Presumably you have the black Platinum with ML fans, so it's "ML fans x 2" in the set-up to create the 8 LEDs required. After that you should be able to add a effects in the Lighting Effects Tab (+).
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