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9 Fan setup with H100i Elite Capellix


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I'm in the process of putting a build together that will include the H100i Elite Capellix along with 9 QL120 fans (7 on the case and 2 on the radiator). I just want to check that the way I'm planning to wire it all up is possible and won't cause any issues.


For RGB control I plan on connecting:

- 3 fans to the commander core (that comes with the cooler)

- 6 to the lighting node core (that comes with the fans)

I believe this will allow me to control all fan RGB in iCUE


For PWM control I plan on connecting:

- 2 fans (the ones mounted to the radiator) to the commander core, in slots 1 and 2

- 7 fans to a PWM hub connected to slot 3 of the commander core

My biggest doubt of this setup is whether or not I can connect a PWM hub to the commander core? I believe that the 7 fans connected to the hub will appear as 1 on iCUE and all run at the same speed which is fine with me, just not sure if it'll work so thought I could maybe find some advice here.


I attached a rough pic to try show what I'm thinking


Thanks for any help :)


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1) 6 + 3 is the logical way to break up the fans, but it also can be 5+4 is that fits the case layout. It does not matter whether the 6 is on the Commander Core or the Lighting Node Core. It can be either way.


2) You can use a PWM hub/repeater on the Commander Core. It takes the PWM signal from that header and passes it on to all other fans on the hub. SATA connection provides the power. CUE will see it as 1 fan on that header. You will have PWM slots 4-5-6 left over if any of the fans on the hub need individual control, like rear exhaust.

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I’m in a very similar situation. 3 fans for the rad and 4 for the case. Do I need to buy anything besides what comes with the elite cappleix?


You are in an in between spot. The OP has too many fans for one controller by far. At 7, you are just one over. So you need to do 2 controllers (4+3, 5+2, 6+1) or get a 3rd party RGB splitter for one pair of fans. Those two fans become duplicates of each other, which may or may not be worse than having two controllers depending on your case layout. If you have two different fan types, then you definitely do 2 controllers.

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