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Colour Changes When Logging Out


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Instant Lighting is temporary effect that overrides and current software lighting settings. It is not a persistent effect. If you want everything green in your normal software state, set the devices to static/solid green for each one.


However, instant lighting or static green will still drop off when you quit CUE. Each device has a software state (when CUE software is running) and a hardware state (HW) when it is not. That includes boot, shutdown, or anytime you quit CUE. Without the software, the devices must run their lighting from what is saved to the internal memory on each device. That is a much shorted list of effects than when the software can use full system resources. In your Lighting Node Core, go to the HW Lighting Effects tab. You will get some choices from the drop down that a select mix of the presets and static colors. You can set whatever is available. You may like green, but it is also useful to know if the software has crashed unexpectedly. You can set a slightly different effect to let you know and this state will only be present when the software is not running.

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