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RGB in pre-installed SP 120 Elite fans not working

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I'm desperate. I've tried everywhere.


Upon the arrival of my 220T case, the Lighting Node was already broken. I had it replaced, believing that to be the cause of the RGB on my fans not working, and yet here I am. Not one of the fans that came pre installed into my case works with iCue. They spin, but they don't light up.


I thought this was user error, and it might be, but I've gone through every reddit thread, guide, forum post, and quora discussion on the internet and tried every solution, yet the RGB just doesn't work. Please help!


Solutions I've tried -

Updating iCue

Testing individual fans

Getting a new Lighting Node

Unplugging all fans, rebooting, replugging

Re-Installing iCue

Factory resetting my PC



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1) Lighting Node Core - fan must be connected 1-2-3.

2) SATA connector provides lighting power only.

3) USB 2 connector must be connected to the MB so the device and software can communicate. Typically the fans will go rainbow the first time, but after a successful software contact, revert to a blank slate awaiting user input.

4) Lighting Set-up tab - You must tell the software how many and what fans are on the device. It does not auto-detect. "SP-Pro fans x 3"

5) You must add a lighting effect or they will stay dark. This is done in the lighting effects tab. You also can do a quick check by using the Instant Lighting from the drop down menu. That will turn everything the designated color momentarily and overrides any user settings.

6) If the Lighting Node Pro shows in CUE, then you don't need to be resetting the software or any other system changes.

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Leave it on SP-PRO/Elite. The SP-Pro, SP-Elite, and ML-Elite all have 8 LEDs and thus use the same programming. The older “SP-RGB” has 4 LEDs.


Set a static white for the three fans. Then you are going to need to connect them 1 at a time in slot 1. The fans work in series so a problem on fan 1 may kill every thing after it.


Make sure you are using a normal SATA connector for power. There are some odd 4-wire SATA or molex to SATA adapters that don’t carry the necessary voltage to light up the fans.

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Did any one find a solution for this i have been on this issue myself for 3 days i have the usb to my mother board i have the sata to a sata cable on my psu fans work but only one led works and i cant cotrol the color but i can turn it off please help

my current motherboard is a z590 auros master

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