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Dark core pro SE has no charging indicator when Qi charging

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I just bought the Dark core pro se to replace a dark core se that wouldn't hold a days charge anymore. I like most of the features and the longer battery life, but the wireless charging is a pain. The charge indicator on the mouse never lights up like the regular Dark core se did. The only way I can Qi charge it is to use a Qi charger that has a charging indicator, unlike the mouse. Is this a firmware or settings problem? I am unhappy that I can't use my wireless mouse pad to charge it. The instructions that came with it clearly state that there is a battery status LED that should pulse green and turn blue when done. Edited by rrvogel
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Hi rrvogel,


First, we sincerely apologize for any delay you experienced due to extraordinary holiday support/service request volume.


The Dark Core Pro SE is going to work best with the MM800 mouse pad, and may not be fully compatible with other devices. We do sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you are experiencing.


Please note the mouse can also be charged with a standard USB-C cable.

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It just goes to show how clueless the corsair employees that work this forum are! The MM800 is not for wireless charging, the MM1000 is! I would never buy that too big and expensive pad. The dark core se that I had before did work with the mouse pad I have now, but the battery wore out in 6 months and it wouldn't stay charged for one day!\

I will not be buying another Corsair product after this. It's too bad that the company has clueless employees working for them that can't support their products properly. The concepts are great, but the implementation of the software sucks.

If I wanted to charge my mouse with a cable I wouldn't have bought the Qi charging mouse!

I can charge the mouse on a ROG Throne that I have because it has an indicator that tells when it's charging, but the indicator on the mouse doesn't work unless I turn the mouse off. This is definitely a firmware problem, but the warranty will run out before they fix it from what I've seen.

Edited by rrvogel
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