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H100i Compatibility Issues?

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Hi guys


I have an H100i GTX Hydro Cooler and I recently upgraded a few parts of my PC, including an MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard.


When I turned on my PC the CPU temps were out of control, so I entered the BIOS. The fans were on and I could feel the cooler running, but obviously not very well. However, when I checked the fan settings, they were registering at 0rpm and the board explorer didn't even recognized that the cooler was plugged in.


It was definitely plugged in correctly and I know it's still working because we plugged it into my brothers PC and it worked fine. I now have his cooler plugged in (Cooler Master 2121 EVO) which works fine as well.


BUT - we each want our own coolers back.


Any idea why it wouldn't be working and how to fix it?


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That specific cooler gets its power from the motherboard header. It needs to be set to 100%/Full speed/disabled or any other language your MB uses for a constant 12v signal. If you were on a typical fan curve for CPU temp, it might not be enough voltage to start the pump or it could keep it running artificially low.


However, if the MB header is at 100% and the BIOS does not see a device (no registered speed reading) on that header, then it is likely there is an internal electrical problem. Contact Corsair Support if you are still under warranty or you will need to find another cooling option. You can test this without re-installing the cooler. Plug the MB lead from the H100i GTX into any available MB header and set the BIOS to 100%/PWM to see if you get a reading back.

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I don't think there is a hardware issue with either the cooler or the mobo though.


When I plug the coolger into another mobo, it's works without any problems. When I plug another cooleger into my mobo (same slots), it also works without any issues.


So that would suggest it's either a compatability issue or a setting issue in the BIOS that I haven't been able to sort out?

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