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New build on 1000d

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Hi everyone,

scrolling some pictures on google i found this forum and jumped in! :)

Here is my build with a 1000d, hope you guys like it :)

Specs are the same, 9900k z390 formula ect ect

About the cooling system as you can see, i run


-Coolant is bidistilled water for medical research(bought at the pharmacy)

-2xd5 kinetic tbe300

-front 2x480 xspc rx480 v3 with 16 noctua indistrial 2000 push/pull

-top ek SE 420 with 3xML RGb 14mm (AIO edition)

-back 1x240 ek SE 240 with 2xML RGb 12mm

-fittings ek for OD 16mm

-tubes..mh i dont remember, i mixed them, ek and bitspower anyway :D

-wb gpu bitspower Lotan series for msi x trio

-wp cpu velocity ek

-2x flow/temps sensor thermaltake pacific TF2


PS: i found this coolant the best. Tried ek cryofuel clear and DP ultra clear.

Looks like a bull**** but the flow rate is much better, @full speed i noticed DPUltra 260/270l/h - EKCRYO 300l/h - bdistilled 330/340l/h more flow rates = better cooling temps sitting to 29/32 degrees with 20° room and fan @50%






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looks neato, but pure distilled water will strip nickel plating in weeks, months at best, depending on how thick the electroplating is.

Flow rate isn't that important anyway since you never use the pumps at full speed, there's just no benefit to it even with that many rads ^^

If you do any stress test and lower the pump speed gradually, you'll see that you lose maybe a degree or two, untill you hit that threshold where temps start to rise more sharply, usually in the 30-40% speed. so basically you could have your pumps run at like 60%, in silence, and have the same thermals.

Fan speeds will dictate performance a lot more.


Apart from that, big pretty box ^^ i'm curious, what do you use to control all that ?

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Hi, thanks for the suggest, is it about 9 months i use the bidistilled (since the first lookdown) and i have also asked on reddit watercooled pc-my extremepc if the coolant was good or not, they suggested to add biocide, anti algae or just nothing, like im doing now. So now i dunno what to do or back on cryofuel or what

To control the fans and the pumps i use a couple of aquacomputer octo. The best imho

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To control the fans and the pumps i use a couple of aquacomputer octo. The best imho


Using a Octo + Farbwerk360 combo, i'm with you on that one :p


Regarding corrosion, i have seen a couple of people strip corsair XG7 to bare copper in less than a month, others on other brands have it happen in 9 - 12 months, seen during coolant change.


Of course that's different waters, different hardware etc... but pure water is slightly corrosive. Without diving too much into the various articles i red when i started watercooling (and i'm not a chemist either), the water molecule acts as a dipole that attracts ions like a magnet when it has been deionized.


So DI water will absorb CO2 in the air very quickly if left exposed, or strip some metals to disolve them in solution, nickel being one of them, just to achieve equilibrium again,


To play it safe, i'd advise to get back on cryofuel. It's not as if your loop wouldn't work without nickel plating, but it's safer this way if you want to preserve the aesthetics of it.

Usually corrosion starts at the cooling fins, losing their sparkle, before looking white-ish, then copper starts appearing.


I guess the more contaminated the water becomes with time, the more likely it could be to start developing algae growth too, but i rather not find out :)

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