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Crosair MP 600 1TB Broken after 30 Minutes ?!?


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Was Building a new PC today

added 2 Corsair MP600 1TB SSD to the board, switched it on all fine

both were showen as Corsair MP600 1TB, made them to a raid0

installed windows on it also fine worked good. i switched the pc off to

install a DVD Rom drive on sata, switched pc on again didnt boot

forced the pc of by holding power, started the pc again it booted

but now shows 1 drive as Corsair MP600 1TB and the other as

Phison E12 2MB with a nice massage replace disk its close to fail

i wouldnt call it close, it is broken windows dont start anymore


so anyone else seen them break on this way? Showing as Phison SSD E12

going to RMA it, but its kind of funny.... i mean 30 minutes thats not very long :-)


installed windows now on the other without raid... and also in windows

its shown like this with no space on it.


or maybe is there a way to fix it?

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