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Backplate for XG7 Strix 3090

Kuro Houou

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I was curious, why does the backplate on this cooler only have a few thermal pads. Attached is a picture of what EKWB recommends for their same cooler/backplate.


Essentially the Corsair backplate only has the 4 blue rectangles on the outside.. not even on the back of the chips capacitors (the blue square in the middle).


1. Why did Corsair see not to include those? My stock card has a cut out over the capacitors, so at least that lets some air flow over, with a backplate they would be blocked.


2. Would it make since to include extra thermal pads like the EK-Quantum for better cooling with the backplate?


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Hmm.. no responses.. I am just wondering if I should at least include some of these pads especially on the capacitors to make sure they extract heat to the backplate??? Otherwise I can see air just getting stuck back there with no where really to go.. Maybe ill also look at the back of the strix when I open it up to see where they put pads if any to the stock backplate and maybe replicate what they did. I just feel like this was either a cost saving move on corsair (not that pads cost that much) or oversite maybe?
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well tbh, the hottest parts are the memory modules. you could add more pads to help cool the backplate through the PCB and to the waterblock yea..

you may have to experiment with thicknesses to make sure the memory modules are still cooled.

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