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Corsair RGB HUB not showing.


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Good day.

I recently bought a new pc.

The problem is the rgb fan lights on the front of the case dont seem to work.

I have a commander pro and rgb hub installed in the pc.

on the rgb hub 1-3 works(these are connected to the fan light in the back of my pc and the 2 from the cpu)


the other 3 in the front of my case dont seem to work(4-6)


Also in Icue and Link it only detects the commander pro and not the corsair rbg hub.


I have tried to switch the leds, all my fans are working. When i plug the fans from the front of the case in 1-3 they work and vice versa. but I cant seem to get 4-6 working.


I am out of ideas.


Sorry for bad english.


I added some pictures of how they are connected.::pirate::


I use the iCUE 465x RGB case if that is any help.


EDIT: All the lights worked fine together until I installed Icue! (deleting it didnt fix it)





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