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AX1600i optimal mounting orientation


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Hi everyone, I got a AX1600i and will be building my new system over the weekend, however I am unsure of the best mounting orientation (and fan mode) for my use case.


I would like to use the hybrid fan operation. Should I mount the PSU facing up or down?


The case is Meshify 2XL by fractal. It has a dust filter on the bottom. However, it might be possible to mount it with the fan facing up as the shroud is not completely sealed (photo: https://www.fractal-design.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Standard-Studio_Meshify2XL_Black_TGD_Standard_7.-Left-Front-Above_wo_left_side.jpg).


The case won't be sitting on a carpet.


The ax1600i will power a ryzen 9 5950x in combination with a 3080 Founders Edition. I suspect around 600w usage overclocked and at full load so I doubt that the fan would even start most of the time.


Should I be worried about hot air being trapped inside with the fan not spinning (in case of face-down mount)?



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face down, it may cause the heat to trigger the fan more often since it rises towards the PCB

Since the PSU shroud is well vented, it's better to install the PSU with the fan up for quiet use. There's a few posts down the PSU section where the Guru explains that point actually :)

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