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SATA power connector on 780T does not fit RM1000X PSU

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Just building a new gaming rig - used to build PC's for a living and built many gaming PCs as an enthusiast - but that's going back 20 years now - my last rig I bought ready-made almost 10 years ago now as I was feeling lazy and it was actually cheaper than building for once! It has stood the test of time pretty well but not up to playing the latest and greatest games so time for a new rig.

I've got everything together but am stuck at the last little bit.

I'm struggling with one of the new connectors. There is a SATA power connector for the 780T case fan that says it should be plugged into the PSU SATA power cable (item 7 in the manual here).

The RM1000x does not come with a connector that fits this! (as per page 4 of the manual here). Do I need an adapter - if so from what - I know the SATA connectors that come with the PSU are standard but haven't seen the one for the 780T case fan before?

I figured I'd avoid any issues with compatibility by getting the Corsair 780T case and a Corsair PSU but apparently not?

Thanks in advance for any guidance!

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it does come with a ton of SATA connectors. the manual lists 1 cable with 3 SATA connectors and 2 cables wit 4 connectors.

If you never used SATA connectors before, remember they are keyed, so they will only fit one way :)


There are indeed a whole bunch of what I consider regular SATA connectors - the ones that fit on 3.5 in HDD's for example. But the SATA connector that comes off the case and as diagrammed in the manual is more than twice the width of a regular SATA connector.

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