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Can The RM500X be used with no load on the +3.3 volt and a very light load +5 volt ou


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Can The RM500X be used with no load on the +3.3 volt and a very light load +5 volt outputs?


I bought a SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) headless tower workstation/server for research, CAD, and software development back when I retired. It came with a 240W power supply, which is claimed to support the server with 2 hard drives and a DVD drive (its original configuration). The OEM power supply has two 12V outputs, +5VSB, -12V, a power on input and a power OK output. There are two DC to DC converters on the Motherboard that provide +5V and +3.3V from 12V as required for the motherboard and original disk drives.


I am starting a project that requires considerably more disk storage space, and want to add at least 4 more large disk drives with an LSI-SA9211 PCIe HBA adapter card (~10W) and maybe more ram. The RM550X looks like it would work for me, but there will be a light load on the +5V output from the additional disk drives and no load on the +3.3V output. From what I found when researching supplies, the RM550X generates a 12Volt supply internally and has post regulators for +5V and +3.3V so I think it should work without a problem. I looked through the manual and FAQ's, but did not find anything there. I didn't see a contact for Technical Support on the webpage, so I came here to look for a source of confirmation.


Thanks for your help.



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You will be surprised what these oem psu's can handle


I have a HP Microserver Gen8 that i picked up in 2014 that has a 200w psu

I have it crammed to the rafters and its still running fine as a 24/7 server 6 years later


I compile code on it all the time its fine



Xeon E3 1290 v2 (4.1 GHz Lol)

2 x 8GB PC3 1866 ECC

4 x 10 TB WD Helium HDD (internal)

LSI SAS2 9207 4i4e

1 x Samsung 850 Evo 250GB (Internal)

2 x 4TB 2.5" HDD (Internal)

2 x 2TB 2.5" HDD (Internal)

4 x 8TB WD Helium HDD (External SAS Enclosure)

2 x 60mm Blower Fans

6 x 2TB 2.5" USB Drives (Hub Powered)

1 x 128GB Samsung EVO Micro SD


So yeah you have 40w more power than my server

you should be fine


Saying that though if i could replace my psu at the right price i would

to cover all bases but sadly its a custom tiny psu









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Shonk, that is one sharp setup, and a very impressive packaging job getting all those drives in that box.


I have a history with HP computers and would have been more confident pushing an HP power supply. We used HPs at work since the 70's starting with a mini and on through desktop systems by the time I retired. Always solid and reliable, built like a brick house. I didn't have that level of history / experience with this system, and its obvious it wasn't made for the same "mission critical production equipment" market segment. My enclosure is a small tower (not as small as yours). I was concerned about temperature rise with stock fans, and have been running some temperature rise tests on on the system. Monitoring temperatures on the disks, the processor, and the motherboard, and exhaust air, I'm pretty happy with the performance. The RM550x is impressive.



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