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Corsair 400d Airflow with H115i Pro?


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Hello Forum,


I want to buy me a new case. At first, I chose the Corsair 4000x, because its looking so nice, but the airflow is not the greatest, so I might be buying the 4000d Airflow instead. But before I buy it, I need to know if my Corsair H115i Pro fits correctly. My current Case has not a lot of space between the motherboard and the top side, but my H115i fits just about right. But that is not the case o some other cases I've seen so far. I have a Gigabyte B550 Aorus Elite which is cool, but the I/O metal cooling thing, whatever, is pretty big and had problems with fitting the H115i in my current case. My Ram is not the highest thing, Corsair Vengeance 32 GB, 31*mm high. If the H115i does not fit between Mainboard and case, I might need to mount it in the front, but that's my last option.


Thank you for your answers.

Greetings Silvergreen

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