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Abit Fatal1ty AN8 / Value Kit 2x512 MB PC3200 DDR400 - CAS2.5, VS1GBK


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Hey there :)


Im about to order my new computer.


Abit Fatal1ty AN8, nForce4 Ultra, S939

AMD Athlon64, 3200+, S939


And then theres the RAM... Im so confused. Im NO expert, so i would like some helpers on what RAM to stick in it :)


Since money IS an issue, i was thinkin of theese:


Corsair Value Value Kit 2x512 MB PC3200 DDR400 - CAS2.5, VS1GBKIT400 - Matched Pair


Are they a good choice for this combo ? And since im not overclocking my system very much, would there be any idea in spending more money (i dont have) on theese fellas:


Corsair TwinX 2x512 MB PC3200 DDR400 - TWINX1024-3200


What would you recommend for a poor student that doesnt want the best og the best ??


Thx -firdel :confused:

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