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Lighting Profiles Separate from Fan Settings


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Sorry if this is obvious or has been answered before (and i'm just missing it), but is there any way in iCUE to keep Lighting profiles separate from fan controls?


I like using many different lighting profiles just to change it up, and often import many different user created ones from online. However, I generally keep my fans for my H150i and 500D (commander) at the same standard settings.


Everytime I import a new lighting profile, my fans all spin up to full, and I have to go into each individual device to turn down fan percentages and reset other non-lighting iCUE settings within the profile.


Is there a way to keep some settings fixed, while just being able to customize the lighting portion of my all my corsair devices (case, psu, kb, mouse, cooler,etc)


Thanks for any advice!

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No, you can't separate the fan (DIY) settings from the lighting or other features. It is unified by design. However, there are some things you can do to mitigate the fan blast.


1) When creating your own new profiles, use the "copy profile" feature from one of your existing profiles. That will automatically duplicate the entire profile including fan curve assignments and actions. You will need to change the lighting as you go, but I find that far easier and less irritating that setting the fans and re-assigning 6-8 actions.


2) When importing one of your back-ups or someone else's work, don't click onto the new profile immediately. Go to the fan settings in one of your profiles and select the "copy to all" from the drop down for each fan port. This is no less work than opening the new profile and setting the fans 1-6, but it does then skip the annoying fan blast while you are trying to do it. No real way around this and you don't want to be importing DIY data on these because you will either get someone else's curves or create copies of your own (Summer QL (1), Summer QL (1)(1), etc). Those have to be manually deleted. Easier not to import the DIY data and then copy all from one of yours.

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