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iCue not recognizing fan connected with commander pro


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Hi, I need assistance.



I have 2 LL120's and a H100i Platinum SE V2.


I have both fans connected to the rgb fan hub and commander pro. Both fans light up and spin. However, the ICUE software only recognizes 1 fan. Fan 2 does not appear in the list to control speeds.


In Lightning setup I do have selected 2 LL120 fans. Under lightning channel I do see all 2 fans and can even go led by led.


How can I have icue recognize fan 2 and also have icue be able to control speed of the fans???


I already tried:


- reinstalling corsair icue

- switch fan 2 from port 2 to 3.

- switch it from auto to 4 pin (when I set it to 4 pin the fan shows up in the list with 0 rpm)


but that all did not work.

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Take the fan that is not showing up and connect it to any free motherboard header. Does it register a speed in the BIOS? If the fan won't show up in any of the Commander Pro PWM ports or the BIOS, there is likely a problem with the fan. Exchange it with the vendor or contact Corsair Support for a replacement. You should also try plugging in the non-registered fan on port #1, that you know is working.


Are you running the AIO fans from the Commander? Or is this 4 LL fans in total (2 AIO + 2 Case fans)?



The Lighting system is separate from the fan motor control. If you tell the program you have 6 QL fans and you plug in 1 HD, it will show you 6 QL fans. Don't worry about the lighting right now.

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The fan was not showing up in the bios.


I'm using 2 AIO + 2 case fans so 4 LL fans in total and 2 on the commander.


I also tried plugging it on port 1 in the commander root and that didn't work.


So that means I will have to replace my fan?

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Yes, that one fan needs to be replaced. If it spins but does not register a speed, there is a good chance the tachometer wire is broken. If you have a PWM splitter (4+3) handy, you may be able to gain control by putting the defective one on the splitter end with 3 pins. It will run the same speed as the one on the 4 pin and you will have control as a pair.
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