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New Case Lineup Ideas for Corsair (Merely Suggestions)


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I saw the new 4000 series of cases and thought that you could take some features that are in that lineup and make a new lineup that incorporates many features of another case you have made. The Corsair 500D SE Edition is a really good case, but with the features of the 4000 series such as, the cable management solution, the special (sold separately) mounting solution for the Commander Series lighting controllers, and the option of a mesh front panel and aluminum (non-glass, cable-side) side panel would be a really nice melding of the two cases together. The spaciousness of the 500D is perfect for custom water cooling, and adding the kind of cable management, side panel, and lighting controller mounting solutions would be really good additions to the already great 500D case. I would also suggest that expanding the front I/O would be a good idea as well. Adding another USB Type-A or one more USB Type-C would be really nice additions. The mesh front panel and aluminum (non-glass, cable side) side panel would be really nice for cost with them not being glass. The name would be up to you as a company, but I was thinking of 5000D/5000D Mesh/5000X or 5000D SE, could be the names for that lineup of cases to keep consistent with the 4000 Series lineup of cases. The case would look like the 500D, but have the features of both the 500D and 4000 Series of cases. Changing the fans to your more recent QL Series fans included would be nice as well, being as the 500D SE comes with 3 LL Series 120mm fans and a Commander Pro included. I don’t know what kind of price-point you could put on all of the cases, but the mesh front with the aluminum side panel would allow you to keep the price low while being able to include the Commander Pro and QL Series of fans. With the different types of cases in the 5000 Series, you could target all of the demographics of builders from the low-end to the high-end.


As the Title says, these are just suggestions of an idea I had when the 4000 Series cases came out. If there are any other ideas of incorporating other features, then please comment them and I will make sure to add them as an edit. Along with giving the correct credit of the added feature. Make sure they are practical. Joke features are less likely to be put into the edit.

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Hi there!


I think some of your ideas will be coming soon ... I can see that elsewhere on the Corsair website, you can raise Helpdesk tickets for 5000D Airflow 😉


@ Corsair ... can you please share when?



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I'd like to see a 680x type case that can accommodate top mounted 360mm without glass. The current iteration is proving to be a challenge for mounting the commander for my 280 cooler so the extra length would help in that area of the cable chamber.
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