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Do not purchase m600 ssd


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So here what went down, I purchased a unit of M600 500GB SSD to use with my new Ryzen rig on PCIE-3.0 and after a couple of months, I've noticed exceedingly low performance even when compared with other PCIE-3.0 SSD and proceeded to reach out to Corsair support.


Corsair support brushed me off and made me jump through ridiculous hoops to even get support. They told me to go find a PCIE 4.0 system to test it on because they cannot guarantee PCIE-3.0 performance and when I responded saying that its not helpful because


1. I do not have a PCIE 4.0 system lying around and

2. They're trying to dismiss my concerns by making me do what would be considerably difficult to achieve


Even then, the way Corsair Support responded was that if even going through all the hoops and testing on a PCIE-4.0 motherboard and the poor performance persists, PERHAPS they'd look into a replacement.


Direct copy from the email:

"If you can try this on a PCIE 4.0 device and perhaps the issue persist then we can look into warranty replacement."


Is Corsair's support insinuating that my issue faced is a non-issue? that I'm perhaps just speaking out of my ***? that I did not conduct any form of reasonable benchmarks and tests to ascertain the sustained and persistent low performance before reaching out?



All in all, I'll just count this as money wasted and I swear never to purchase another Corsair product ever and I strongly encourage everyone else to avoid the MP600 SSD.


I will repost this message across all review or tech channels I can find so that no one would make the bad decision that I did in purchasing a Corsair SSD.

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