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K95 Platinum XT: USB Sound Issues


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I just bought the K95 Platinum XT keyboard. Since plugging it in I've updated the iCUE software and Keyboard firmware to the latest version. However, I'm having massive issues with my USB sound wireless headset.


I have a Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless headset and my laptop will report "insufficient USB Resources" and either the headset sound or headset mic won't work.


On my desktop, youtube and games will not play sound through the headset if the K95 keyboard is plugged in.


None of these issues exist if I unplug and plug my Razer Blackwidow keyboard back in.


Does anyone have a fix for this?



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Latest reply from CS:


1. Search Power Options in the Windows Search bar in your lower right hand corner.

2. Select Change plan settings for the power plan you currently have selected.

3. In this new window select Change Advanced Power Settings

4. In this new window, select USB settings.

5. Select USB selective suspend setting directly underneath it.

6. Change Setting to Disabled. Click Apply."


This didn't work for me, but thought I'd post it in case it works for someone else.


Still waiting for a solution ><

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Okay, this is not a good solution but it worked, lol, so whatever....


Control panel > Updates & Security > Recovery > Reset this PC > Remove Everything


wait for Win 10 to re-install and reset


both Steelseries SSE and iCUE can now coexist and USB sound and the K95 XT live happily together.


The end.

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