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New 3080 PC - No idea what are safe Vengance memory temps?


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So I recently got myself a new PC

Auros MB, Ryzen CP & 3080 GPU


Memory is x2 8gig 3200 & x2 16gig 3600

I originally bought the 32 gig to replace the 16 as higher speed

IT guy said would be ok to use all of it though and just have 48 gig in total

No idea if thats ok or not but as all Vengance rgb memeory and not different brands etc he said it will be fine (confirmation on this would be great)


However im a complete noob when it comes to memory, cpu, fans and tempretures for each.

My memeory always hovers just above 40 degrees with rgb off and pc stationary (no games etc).

If I turn rgb on it the memory temp can hit anywhere between 42 to 48 degrees


Reading other forums they say memory should never hit 40 as this can cause big problems

Is this the case with corsair vengance or are those temps perfectly safe as I would love to have my lights on if I can?


Any help would be great as I just need to know if things look ok/normal or if I need to worry about the tempretures going on and if there are any tips on solving them if so


Here is how things look in ICUE with rgb on





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If the memory gets to hot you would notice instabilities above a certain threshold. Sub 50°C under load actually is not too bad for a RGB model and should be fine.


Some very tight manual settings might require sub 40 for stability, but that also varies from one IC type to another.

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