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LL120 Fans - not enough SATA power ports


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Hi there,


I just bought a pack of three LL120 RGB fans, including the Fan hub and the Ligthing node.


I mounted all three fans, sticked the node and the hub in the back of the case, plugged everything in and then I noticed that I only had one SATA port available plugged to my PSU...


Now, as I said, everything else is correctly plugged together. Then I plugged the node to the SATA port to see if the fans would still run. They do but there is no RGB lights, as expected. The SATA port of the Fan HUB is the only thing that is not connected to anything.


My question is : is there any risk running the fans like this, i.e. without having the SATA port of the Hub connected to the PSU ?


Another question : if there is any risk, or even if there is none, what would you suggest I get in order to plug my second SATA port (other than changing my PSU)? I read about Molex adaptors, but it seems they tend to overheat, which I am not comfortable with... Any idea?


Thank you!

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