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  1. An 80mm fan fits in the back with not much effort.
  2. 1. Ramkit klauen 2. Rechnung fälschen 3. RMA 4. ? 5. Profit deswegen Abtretungserklärung. Simple Sache.
  3. They default to gear 1 as long as the mobo is able to train in gear 1. At 3600, this may be the case and may not depending on the quality of your board, your IMC and your sticks. So better to just tell the mobo what to do. MIO = Memory IO - should be at 1.15-1.2V SA = System agent - should be at 1.2-1.3V as mentioned, boards like to shove excessive voltage into those, so they are better not left on auto.
  4. That's not 100% correct. The speed of the IMC on the i9 is 3200 in gear 1 compared to the lower skews officially supporting DDR4-3200 but in gear 2 thus setting the IMC freq to 1600MHz. That's a substantial difference in performance and you need to make sure your Mobo is set to gear 1 after you enable XMP. That said, there should be no issue in running 3600C18, though 4x8GB might need a little tweaking. 2x16GB is always better than 4x8GB. pro tip: keep an eye in MIO and SA voltage. boards tend to go overboard with them if left on auto on gear 1. 1,2V and 1,3V should be enough to run this.
  5. Mag ja sein, dass sie defekt sind, die Ursache werden aber nicht die kits sein sondern das board, dass sie dir zerlegt. Oder das Netzteil, idk.
  6. Also spätestens nach dem Zweiten hätt ich n neues board gekauft. Zu sagen die Riegel sind nicht für XMP ausgelegt wäre das gleiche zu sagen mein Auto ist nicht für 120kmh ausgelegt.
  7. My IMC seems to be pretty bad, can't even run 3866 gear 1. I've stepped it down now to 3600C12 because I don't like the SA voltage either. Now running with 1,38V. Most people run something along the lines of 3600C12/3733C13-14/3866C14-15. you would be very lucky to get beyond 3866. best bet on RAM sticks would be F4-4000C14D-32Gxxx if you're looking for DR Samsung B-die.
  8. OP needs B560 to overclock his RAM. B460 doesn't support memory overclocking because Intel doing Intel things lol
  9. It's always and will remain always better to try and get the fewest modules in the largest quantities provided that the few modules result in the same channel and rank counts. The often reduced frequencies/timings for larger modules mostly match up with the caveats of running twice as many smaller modules, the primary benefit though is that it's far easier to add memory to the system after the fact vs having populated them all already and having to essentially replace them all to make any further improvements. So if all modules are identical speeds/latencies, and since most 16GB modules are dual rank vs the 8GB modules being single, then running 2x16GB is a superior and clearly better option than running 4x8GB tl;dr: 2x16GB > 4x8GB
  10. If all sticks have the same ICs and are all in working order, your CPU/Mobo combination is simply incapable of running this configuration (which is kinda surprising to me for the Dark Hero, but I don't know that much about RAM OC on Ryzen) If you still want to run with 4x8 you basically have 3 options: 1. increase you VSOC an/or VDRAM voltage, see if that works 2. lower your RAM frequency 3. loosen your timings if none of these work for you or you don't feel comfortable messing with these things, you gotta get a different kit. Personally, I always prefer 2x16GB over 4x8GB.
  11. check the Ver. numbers on the back of the sticks. You most likely have different ICs on them.
  12. best bet to know if something will work or not is checking the QVL of the motherboard you are taking into consideration.
  13. HWLuxx user UBI repariert mainboards mit kaputten Sockelpins. Frag mal den.
  14. Why do people think, hardline is the end-all-be-all of watercooling? Let's be honest: it's absolutely impractical and just looks somewhat fancy, though tbh all loops look the same anyways unless it's something unusual like copper or carbon tubing. If you're unsure just go with softline. EPDM tubes or any clear tubing with smart routing looks just as clean and decent as any basic bitch hardline build.
  15. dann bleibt dir wohl nur die Augen zu und durch Methode. Eimer bereitstellen und einen von den Schläuchen abziehen. Vorher das Ding vom Strom nehmen.
  16. you can, but don't expect XMP to work. They are pretty much performing the same, so it doesn't matter.
  17. because you will not be able to run 4800C18/19 without manually tweaking yourself on a mid tier board, also if you are not really knowing what you're doing, your mobo is likely to slowly fry your CPU at that speeds. Get yourself a 4000C16 or 3800C14 kit, maybe a 4400C18/19 kit will still be plug and play too but make sure your board doesn't shove excessive voltages. It is not recommended to use an odd number of sticks with weird totals. It'll work, but you will lose A LOT of performance.
  18. Lass sie weg. Machen sowieso bei vielen Probleme und dein RAM wird nur unnötig wärmer dadurch.
  19. XMP is an overclock, so if you strictly want to stick to "no OC", then you will have to use a kit that uses the specified speed Intel states on their product page. I would recommend 3200C16 or 3600C18 for best performance, although 3600C18 might already be kinda hard for your CPU to run, depending on the quality of your mainboard and your CPU's IMC. Check ASUS' QVL list for a better overview what works and works not.
  20. wenn selbst nach CMOS reset und mit nur einem stick alleine nicht ins BIOS kommst, dann ist es sicher nicht der RAM. Ob mobo oder CPU müsstest du dann noch herausfinden.
  21. update to the latest BIOS and test each stick on it's own with memtest86, if one or both throw errors, contact Corsair support.
  22. https://www.hardwareluxx.de/community/threads/intel-11th-gen-gear1-2-vergleichsthread.1295878/ In German but you can compare colored bars and numbers I'm sure
  23. Die unterschiedlichen Versionsnummern rühren daher, dass es streng genommen 2 völlig verschiedene Kits sind, da chips von unterschiedlichen Herstellern darauf verbaut sind. Zufälligerweise sind aber beide in der Lage, die gleiche Anforderung zu erfüllen - eine Frequenz 3200 MHz bei CL16 mit 1,35V. Als Analogie: So ziemlich jedes Auto schafft 100km/h. Aber deswegen sind nicht alle Autos gleich.
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