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Custom Borderlands Maliwan iCue Profile


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I made a profile based on the classic Maliwan Style from Borderlands 1 :D:


I'm looking at my keyboard every now and then when furiously typing which is why I can't stand whacky and flashy animations.

This profile has 4 very slow moving sections, taking 99.9 seconds from start to finish.

It's therefore as slow as it can get and not noticeable when typing, though a nice and in some way refreshing/not boring animation to look at.


It also has lots of small sections which briefly and non-intrusively light up in an elemental damage effect, not taking up more than 2-4 individual keys for a bit of character.

They're neatly organized, have inidividual placeholder layers and one global placeholder to show which keys are animated.



The profile supports

K95 Vengeance (and therefore probably every keyboard that's smaller)

K95 RGB Platinum light bar

Vengeance RGB RAM (4 modules)

Corsair Scimitar


Seems to be onboard storage friendly for the K95 Platinum, didn't test it out very much since it's not my daily driver.

May come with 5 unselected fan curves for the Commander PRO. No clue if that's being carried over, it probably is.


Due to the inferior RGB controllers from older keyboards, I've included an alternative batch of layers for the more recent keyboards which natively support the 16.8m color mode to keep the coloring consistent.







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