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H80i v2 strange pump speed


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Hello everyone!


I noticed that the temperature of my processor (i7 6700k oc safe) reached high temperatures.

then I checked my cooling system (corsair h80i v2):

- changed the thermal paste (all ok)

- checked the backplate (all ok)

- check the connections (all ok)

- check pump speed: here is the problem.


the connector is connected to "CPU_FAN" and in the bios, the pump is set to fullspeed ..

in bios it detects me 1460 rpm ...

in the icue software it detects me 2960 rpm ..

in the updated corsair link 4 software, i detect 1460 at the volce "MB FAN" which should be the pump of the h80i v2.



I think the pump has been damaged ..

but which speed shown is correct?

that of the icue or that of the corsair link (which is equal to that of the bios)?


I thank you for your help!



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On that specific series of coolers (GT/v2), most motherboards will read 1/2 the pump speed at the BIOS and MB header level. Most pumps have a divider/multiplier that turns the pump revolutions into a number we recognize as RPM. It didn’t work right on that series. The RPM in Link is correct. You should see a low speed around 2000 for the Quiet setting and the current ~2900 is correct for Performance. Make sure you keep the CPU Fan header or whichever one supplying the cooler at 100%, but it seems like that is already done. Easy to forget to reset it after bios updates.
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first, thanks for reply!


bios is updated from long time and i have check from asus sites there are other update to do..


IF the rpm in link is correct, is the same i can see into bios.. exactly same.. so i think i haven't the first problem.


about pump speed you mean, i think i have a problem on pump.. because i have never see this value (1460) at 100% speed.


now i have in my hand a new h80i v2 and i change it..

so i reply to update this post...


Thanks again for support

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If Link says 3000, then the BIOS should read 1500 rpm. The BIOS should read exactly half of the actual pump speed reported in Link. The motherboard and Link may poll the device at different times, so you might see 2970 and 1490 or something that is not mathematically exactly 50%, but it will be close. You can verify this another way by changing the pump speed to Quiet in Link and comparing the two values. Again, it should be 1/2.


If your pump speed was 1/2 of what it was supposed to be, you would see increased coolant temperature (H80i v2 Temp) at both idle at load.

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As far as I can tell, there is not a problem. The H80i v2 has always displayed 1/2 the actual pump speed in the BIOS. 2900-3000 rpm is normal for the "Performance" preset for that pump with 1/2 that value displayed on anything that reads the CPU fan header.
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i have find problem. damn.

in previus build i had got i7 4790k with different parameter for OC... blck @ 118 and 34x ratio...

this parameter, on i7 6700k work weel but with voltage to high.. from 1.392 to 1.5 V!

i have restore this parameter... and.. magic done... i'm so sorry for waste time...

but i have learn to much :)


Thanks for help

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i have rebuilt this pc at the end of 2018.. in 2019 i have never used because i have change home 2 times...

and i have start to use again from 3 month...

i'm really happy..

and i have learn many things in this 2 weeks...

and.. now my i7 6700k is stock.. with good performance and real cold temperature :)

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